Margarine Myths

Margarine myths have been circulating for a few years now. We understand that could leave you feeling a bit confused about what is fact and what is fiction. So now it's only fair that we help set the record straight about margarine.

Ants will not touch margarine if left outside

So will ants eat margarine? And if not, why not? There is a perfectly good reason for it. So sit back, and let Dom and Daisy enlighten you.

Ants will not touch margarine if left outside

Hello, we are happy you are here to watch our show 'Teaching Miss Daisy'. It was created to let people know the true story of margarine. From busting the many myths surrounding margarine, to explaining what really goes in margarine and how it has been crafted to become a healthier everyday spread for all of us.

In this episode we look at the rumour that ants will not touch margarine if it's left outside. Dom and Daisy are more than happy to explain why this is. With the help of a few ants.

Ants gravitate towards butter because ants enjoy animal fats. Perhaps it is the perfect breeding ground. The thing about margarine is that it contains oil from plant extracts and has no sugar. Ants aren't interested in that. But we are.

So while margarine might be useless for ants, it is a delicious and healthy spread for us.

Margarine also has a rich history that we are keen to tell the story of. Margarine was created in 1869 by Napoleon III and Hippolyte Mège-Mouriès. Napoleon needed a delicious alternative to butter to feed his troops and the French people. Hippolyte Mège-Mouriès' recipe became margarine after winning a competition to find a healthy spread. It is this simple recipe that still exists today.

Margarine can be made out of just five ingredients: oil, water, egg-yolk, salt and lemon juice. It is the use of oil that makes it lower in saturated fats compared to the butter Daisy makes. Margarine also has no sugar. In any high quality margarine you will also find Vitamin A and Vitamin D. 2 slices of bread lightly spread with some good margarine provides up to 15% of your recommended daily intake.

That was just a whistle stop tour of margarine’s story. But please, don't just take our word for it, hear it straight from Daisy the cow's mouth.